Here you can find the tutorial documents I've written on various game development topics. You can use the sidebar on the left to navigate to the different tutorials, or if on mobile use the menu button in the bottom right corner.


I am currently in the process of migrating all tutorials I've written from my previous site to this new one. There may be some missing that I had before. Please bare with me while I get them all transitioned over.

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MonoGame Tutorials#

Below you can find a table of all the MonoGame specific tutorials I have written.


These tutorials are written using MonoGame 3.8 and the Cross-Platform Desktop (OpenGL) project template.

Collision DetectionIn this tutorial series we discuss collision detection between two rectangles using AABB collision detection as well as how to detect collisions between two circles. We then implement both of these into a Monogame game project.
ScenesIn this first of two part tutorial, we discuses and define the concept of Scenes in our game and implement the base structure into our project.
Scene TransitionIn this second of two part tutorial, we expand the Scenes that we created in the previous tutorial to add transition effects when switching scenes in our game.
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